Free Seminar for Parents: Sexting & Cyberbullying

Sexting & Cyberbullying
Free Seminar for Parents
Saturday, April 1st, 9 – 11 AM  at Violet Baptist Church
Cost: Free

If you are a parent with school aged children then you need to know about sexting and cyberbullying. Schools are battling these issues regularly and struggling to keep students and parents informed of the dangers and consequences associated with participating in such behavior.  Nick Keisel, the Director of Safety and Security of Reynoldsburg City Schools, spent 15 years in law enforcement, several of which were spent working in a local High School.  In response to this growing trend he created this presentation to educate the youth in his district. Since then it has expanded to many local central Ohio schools. Nick discusses social media, cell phone use, the dangers of sexting and cyberbullying, and the Ohio laws that prohibit such behavior.  It is his goal that through education and understanding our youth will begin making better more responsible decisions with technology. Nick will present from 9 to 10 AM and then parents will get together around round tales to discuss questions from the presentation and to share ideas about parenting in the age of constant digital connection.  View flyer…