Women’s Retreat Fall 2018

Women’s Retreat Fall 2018

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 26-27, at Violet Baptist Church

Friday 6:00-9:00 PM | Saturday 8:30 AM Continental Breakfast, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm with lunch provided.

Cost: $25/lady

Speakers from Eleventh Candle Co. and Out of Darkness Columbus Ohio will be leading us through the weekend with testimonial messages focused on living intentionally. Food provided by Freedom Ala Carte. Register using the form below.

Registration Deadline: 10/22/2018

Eleventh Candle Co


The official line: Hospice Nurse who became a social entrepreneur. I founded Legacy and Eleventh Candle Co. out of the desire to bring hope to women both in the United States and in Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. Focusing on providing therapeutic work setting that allows all women a fair chance and opportunity to grow.

The bottom line: I believe that if we teach little girls to dream they will the force that changes this world, I believe more than that; that if we can teach broken women to dream like little girls again it will be a force that the world has yet to see.

Read more… https://eleventhcandleco.com/

Out of Darkness Columbus Ohio

Out of Darkness Columbus is an anti-trafficking outreach and rescue organization, providing immediate short-term crisis stabilization and hope through God, to transition exploited adult women into long-term programs. Our mission is to reach, rescue and restore all victims of commercial sexual exploitation that the glory of God may be known. Our vision is that every life would be restored and free.

Read more… https://www.outofdarknesscolumbusoh.org/

Freedom Ala Carte

At Freedom a la Cart, we bring hope to survivors of human trafficking so they can build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. We believe that giving a woman practical job skills and developing strong work ethic is vital for creating a pathway to freedom. So, we’ve created a safe place of restoration where survivors can heal, learn and grow as they prepare for sustainable employment within our community.  We combine fresh, made-from-scratch food with paid workforce training and supportive services to create a delicious way to make your meal more meaningful.

Read more…  https://freedomalacart.org/about/

LUNCH OPTIONS – Sandwiches | Salads:

TURKEY TANGO – Hand-carved turkey breast, chimichurri, roasted red pepper sauce, mayo, crisp lettuce
TURKEY & SWISS – Hand-carved turkey breast, swiss, romaine lettuce, mayo and Dijon mustard
HAM & PROVOLONE – Hand-carved ham, provolone, romaine lettuce, mayo and Dijon mustard
ROAST BEEF & CHEDDAR – Hand-carved roast beef, aged cheddar, romaine lettuce, horseradish
PRETTY BIRD – Locally-sourced Ohio roasted chicken breast, mango compote, blue cheese, sage mayo, crisp lettuce
ITALIAN CHICKEN – Panko-parmesan breaded locally-sourced Ohio fried chicken breast, olive and herb remoulade, roasted tomato and pepperoncini relish
HAMALETTA – Hand-carved ham, salami, provolone, artichoke pate, housemade olive salad, almond aioli
BURLY BOHEMIAN [v+] – Herbed polenta patty, arugula, roasted vegetable mix, roasted red pepper sauce
HARVEST CHICKEN SALAD – Housemade chicken salad prepared with locally-sourced Ohio roasted chicken, toasted pecans, dried cranberries, crisp apple
HUMMUS VEGETABLE WRAP [v] – Red pepper tortilla, housemade hummus, roasted red and yellow peppers & tomatoes, artichoke pate, arugula
CHICKEN BACON CAESAR WRAP – Locally-sourced Ohio baked chicken, bacon, provolone, romaine, spinach tortilla, Caesar dressing
LIFE SALAD – Local Ohio mixed greens, shredded carrots, seasonal or dried berries, blue cheese, green onions, toasted rosemary pecans, herb-mustard vinaigrette
CAESAR SALAD – Crisp romaine hearts, shaved parmesan, grape tomatoes, housemade sourdough croutons, Caesar dressing
ITALIAN SALAD – Romaine hearts, cabbage blend, chickpeas, salami, mozzarella, red onion, pepperoncini, grape tomatoes, housemade Italian dressing
Add protein to any salad [grilled chicken, ham, turkey]