Good Friday Online Service & Communion

6:30 PM Friday, April 10, 2020: Watch Good Friday Service & Participate in Communion

Our Good Friday service will be available online from 6:30 PM on Friday, April 10 to 6:30 PM Saturday, April 11.

As part of our online Good Friday Service, this Friday, April 10th, at 6:30 PM, Pastor Rick Williams of our Violet campus in Pickerington and Pastor Dave Perkins of our LifeBridge campus in Baltimore, will be leading us through communion together as part of our online Good Friday service.

You can participate in this Communion experience from your home. In preparation for online Communion, we ask that you have a cracker or bread and grape or fruit juice. Communion, the Lord’s Supper, is for believers to remember his sacrifice for us and to symbolize the new covenant. The elements of bread and juice are symbols of Christ’s body given and his blood shed.

Communion is not a means of salvation, rather, it is a testament of a believer’s faith in the atoning work of the cross. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, join us in partaking communion online to remember his great sacrifice. Our pastors will direct you through properly receiving communion. If you are not in the place where you consider Christ your Savior then, sit back and enjoy the service like normal.