Due to the Covid-19 virus, the summer mission trip to Pine Ridge is canceled. Please see notification below Staff at Chanku Waste Ranch.

Hello Teams,

We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy during this time of self-isolation and quarantine. We here at the camp are doing the same, as best as we can.

Yesterday, our staff met together to discuss summer plans and we want to share this with you right away. Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have decided to cancel all summer camp church groups. We are saddened to be doing this, but know God is in control. This decision keeps us in line with the current reservation policies, and prevents any possible spread of the virus or rumors that could severely affect Chanku Waste Ranch.  We truly hate that we will not be seeing all of you this summer.

With that decision, we started creating two possible plans for this summer. As of right now, our best case scenario (plan 1) is for our staff to do summer camp ourselves, only with one age group per week.  “Plan 2” is for us to do a virtual camp linked through our website & Facebook page. This probably will include incentives & prizes to keep the children engaged.

Hopefully, as you read this you will come to the conclusion that we could use your help this summer!  With either plan, we would love to keep you all connected with the Lakota children that we all know and love.  This could include creating videos of lessons, activities, music, or other things that we could post the week you are normally scheduled. We would love to hear your ideas (we have already heard from some of you).  Again, we are still brainstorming. We know this might not be an option for some of you, and we fully understand if it is not doable.

If our staff is able to do camp (plan 1), another big need would be food costs. Obviously with only one age group per week, food costs will be much lower than the standard week but not something that fits into our budget. If that is something you may be able to help with, please let us know.

We are hopeful to continue the construction of the medical building ourselves, and we would also love to hire local help when possible. We know of men who could use the work in our communities, and we have found great opportunities to pour into their lives working alongside them. We would like to raise money to hire local men, so please contact us if you would like to donate toward this endeavor.

We hate sharing this news with you but already see the Lord using this virus to reveal his glory here on the reservation. We ask for prayer that God will continue opening doors for us to share Jesus and show His love. Also, please continue to pray for the Lakota people who are a fearful and superstitious people in general. Our elders are suffering and we are limited on how we can help them.

We love you all and pray that you stay healthy and diligent during this time.


The Staff at Chanku Waste Ranch