301: SERVE Ministry – Part 2 of 2

301: SERVE Ministry – Part 2 of 2

Room #401

time 9:30 am

October 21, 2018

In the SERVE class you will discover the talents and abilities that God has given you and begin using them to minister to others. Through SERVE class, our desired outcome is that more people will be reached by the Gospel, more people will be involved in ministry at our church resulting in the needs of more people being met, and that you individually will find excitement and fulfillment in being involved in serving Him. This class helps you discover God’s will for your life and your ministry “s.h.a.p.e.”

  • What the Bible Says About Ministry
  • Discovering How God Has Shaped You for Ministry
  • The Process for Discovering My Ministry
  • Identifying Your Unique S.H.A.P.E.and complete Your Personal Profle
  • Our Church Vision for Ministry
  • Developing a Heart to Serve
  • Where Do I Go From Here

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