Club 412

This club is designed for the 5th and 6th grader.  This unique club helps kids make that difficult preteen-to-teen transition just a little bit easier. The leaders of Club 412 work with preteens to move from Bible stories to life-changing Bible studies. The studies include Baptist doctrine and help preteens shape a biblical worldview through life applications.

Topics covered include:  The Trinity, Salvation, Church Membership, Family, God’s Message to Me, Personal Relationship with God, Knowing God’s Will (Consequences, Rewards), Healing, Salvation,  It’s My Choice (Purity, Drugs, Peer Pressure),  What Can I Do? (Witnessing, Who Is My Neighbor), The Holy Spirit at Work (Spiritual Gifts),  Making Friends (Dating, Friends, Relationships),  Christian Character (Honesty, Forgiveness, Obedience, Faith),  Taking Care of Business (Time, Money),  Tune It! Flip It! (Holiness, TV, Music) and much more.

The kids have great group discussions.  Preteens need to a good support system and accountability group.  Club 412 gives that to them.  Not only are they digging into God’s Word and learning what He says about things, but they also have social events.  About 6 times a year the Club 412er’s get together for a social activity.  They have had a Survivor Party, a progressive dinner, bowled in the VIP room at Rule 3, Spa night (girls only) and Game night (boys only), and The Amazing Race around Pickerington.  The kids have grown spiritually and developed lasting friendships.

Please join us on Sunday mornings!

Contact: Mike McCleese, Pastor of Children