Welcome to Kidstown


Sunday School

The Bible is the basis for everything taught at VBC.  Bible content is also the basis for the development of all teaching procedures.  We also use the “Levels of Biblical Learning”. There are ten concept areas which offer a broad biblical framework for guiding parents and teachers in teaching children from birth through sixth grade.  It is important to see the correlation and connectivity of the concept areas. Teaching about God and Jesus in the early years plays an important role in helping the child understand salvation later in life. The concept areas provide a biblical framework for laying a foundation that becomes the pathway to conversion, spiritual growth, and a biblical worldview.  Eight of the concepts are foundational/prerequisite to the more advanced concepts of Holy Spirit and Salvation which are distinctive to the first through sixth grade.  These levels of Biblical Learning are posted in the Kidstown area.

Worship KidStyle

Picture a worship service with singing, drama, Bible reading … and science experiments?  Add in arts and crafts and you have the makings of a worship service designed specifically for the unique worship needs of children.   During the Worship KidStyle service, children will sing and move along with live music, watch age-appropriate life application videos, pray, give their offerings, learn and apply Bible knowledge, learn key Bible verses and hear Bible stories.  The material is very hands-on so the kids aren’t sitting still for long periods of time.  It has a lot of excitement and incorporates more experiences geared toward the children’s age levels and development.  Each worship session contains arts and crafts ideas, life application videos, and other small group activities such as dramatic plays, games, and exploration and discovery.

Contact: Mike McCleese, Pastor of Children