Our START HERE classes are our 101: Connect, 201: Grow, 301: Serve, and 401: Go classes condensed into just a few courses. You’ll learn about who we are, what we believe, ways to grow spiritually, where you can plug in and serve, and how God has uniquely shaped and designed you for missional impact in your everyday life. Whether you’re new or have been here for several years and just haven’t found your way to connect, START HERE is for you.


God develops each of us over a lifetime. It all starts with our connection to Him and others. Being part of a church family is core to our connection to Him and others who are seeking Him. He calls us to grow, just like we did as children, learning and increasing our understanding of how we develop in our walk with Him. He calls us to grow deep and wide with Him; first deep in intimacy with Him and then wide in influence for Him. We have been created by Him for specific purposes and impact. As we serve, we use our unique shape for the impact and influence He intended. Connecting with Him and others, growing and developing daily, and serving Him by serving others are all parts of a God-centered life. A God-centered life has a go mindset and is focused on discovering and fulfilling your unique contribution to His influence in the world, whether in your neighborhood or the nations. This might be in your office or school, across the backyard or street, or across the globe. The overflow of a God-centered life is worship of Him in every way, every day, with your entire life.

CONNECT | Membership

CONNECT is all about membership. This is your first step to getting involved and getting connected. CONNECT is a basic intro to Violet Baptist Church and is designed for anyone who is new to Violet, interested in getting connected, or desires to understand more about becoming a Christian. In Connect, we cover…

  • Our Salvation – What God Has Done for Us
  • Our Statement – What We Believe
  • Our Strategy – How We Fulfill Our Purpose
  • Our Structure – Where We Fulfill Our Purpose   

GROW | Maturity

Focuses on the four basic habits every Christian needs to develop to grow to spiritual maturity. GROW class will unpack valuable tools and ways of getting an effective grasp on your Bible, how to read and apply scripture, and more. This class equips you with the skills needed to begin these habits and introduces the tools needed to continue these habits.

  • Your Bible and Effective Resources for Growth
  • The Habit of Quiet Time: Daily Time with God
  • The Habit of Prayer: Talking with God
  • The Habit of Tithing: Giving Back to God
  • The Habit of Fellowship: Enjoying God’s Family

SERVE | Ministry

SERVE class will help you will discover your ministry “s.h.a.p.e.” and reveal the talents and abilities that God has given you so that you can begin using them to minister to others. Through SERVE class, our desired outcome is that more people will be reached by the Gospel, more people will be involved in ministry at our church campuses resulting in the needs of more people being met, and that you individually will find excitement and fulfillment in being involved in serving Him.

  • What the Bible Says About Ministry
  • Discovering How God Has Shaped You for Ministry
  • The Process for Discovering My Ministry
  • Identifying Your Unique “Shape” and Completing Your Personal Profile
  • Our Church Vision for Ministry
  • Developing a Heart to Serve
  • Where Do I Go From Here

GO | Mission

In GO class, you will begin to discover your mission in the world and how to fulfill that mission while bringing glory to God in the process. This class will help you with the tools needed to impact and influence your community and the world whether in your neighborhood and workplace or across the globe.

  • God’s Purpose for Creating Us
  • Jesus’ Mission on Earth
  • Why Jesus’ Mission Must Matter to Me
  • Understanding How People Come to Jesus Christ
  • My Testimony: The Story of How I Began a Relationship with Jesus
  • The Good News: Explaining How to Accept Jesus
  • How to Share Jesus More Effectively