Our cooperative giving supports Southern Baptist Missions internationally through Lottie Moon. In addition to our cooperative giving, members can participate in annual international trips.


Our cooperative giving supports Southern Baptist Missions nationally through Annie Armstrong. In addition to our cooperative giving, members can participate with mission teams in the spring, summer, and fall to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Mission teams help with projects and facility/resource improvements, spend time in ministry with the Sharp’s Corner Baptist Church, hold various men’s and women’s ministry events, and connect more with the community. To understand the mission, we must understand the need in Pine Ridge. “In a neglected and seemingly forgotten corner of South Dakota, is sacred, sovereign land known as the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The reservation is home to approximately 40,000 people, over 35% of which are under the age of 18. This reservation, which spans three counties, consists of 2.7 million acres, which makes it roughly the size of the state of Connecticut. Due to the remoteness, people are often unaware of the Pine Ridge Reservation, and for the most part, also unaware of the deplorable conditions and the contrasting statistics to that of the rest of our nation.” Just a few of the Pine Ridge statistics are listed below. View a map of Pine Ridge.

  • Unemployment rate of 80-90% and a per capita income of $7,880.00.
  • Suicide rate more than twice the national rate. Teen suicide rate four times the national rate. Infant mortality is three times the national rate.
  • Alcoholism rate estimated as high as 80%.
  • Life expectancy on Pine Ridge is the lowest in the United States and the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

    H.O.P.E. Ministry, which stands for Hands Out Providing Encouragement, supports local elementary school students through the Weekend Food Program. The Violet H.O.P.E. Ministry delivers bags of food every Friday to local Elementary schools to students of families who have signed up for this assistance. The food bags consist of ready-to-eat, non-perishable, healthy options that do not require cooking or much prep in order for safety for the children and are bagged with Safe Food Handling Regulations. There are three ways to help: Donate needed food items, assemble bags on Friday mornings and/or be a delivery driver. From local events to packaging nourishing meals for the weekly Weekend Food Program to donating food, there’s a place for you in the H.O.P.E. Ministry.


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